Venzo 1/4″ 2-10NM Bike Bicycle Portable Torque Wrench Review

Venzo 14 2-10NM Bike Bicycle Portable Torque Wrench Review
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Quick Overview






  • Affordable
  • Carbon fiber
  • Simple to use


  • A lot of pressure to get above 7 NM
  • Not as accurate as hoped
  • Lacks the click system

One of the most common tools when we are talking about DIY and bike maintenance is the torque wrench. While it might not be an item that you will need on a daily basis, it is still good to have in your tool kit.

If you enjoy your bike rides, you will already know that, like any other vehicle, bikes need regular maintenance as well. While the bike is an inexpensive option and the maintenance will cost you much less than it would with a car, it still asks for a certain level of skill and adequate tools.

By investing in a good torque wrench, you will be able to cope with almost any tightening or adjusting problem and stay trouble-free from further issues. The Venzo Bike Torque Wrench is a great example of what a convenient and affordable set should include.

Venzo 1/4″ 2-10NM Bike Bicycle Portable Torque Wrench Review

One of the biggest problems with the torque wrench market is that the high-quality sets are quite expensive. This is not adequate if you are on a tighter budget or you simply don’t want to break your monthly limit on a set of tools. On the other hand, not all is lost as this Venzo wrench stands at an extremely affordable price and offers just enough for your on and off the road maintenance. A torque wrench, a couple of Allen keys, and interchangeable tool bits – this set holds a high value and is a great overall choice.

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Who is this product for?

Talking about the low price, this product is perfect for people who don’t have the ability to spend hundreds of dollars on a torque wrench set. It is a nice offer that includes almost everything that you might need for regular bike maintenance.

On the other hand, there is no reason that people who have a bigger budget don’t go for it as well, as it is good quality and can easily keep up with products manufactured by bigger names. Apart from using this set of tools for bike maintenance, it is adequate for any DIY projects you may have as well, taking in consideration the number of tool bits that you get with it.

What’s included?

As we mentioned above, this offer holds a great value due to the fact that you get much more than what you pay for. Starting off with the torque wrench, it has a 1/4″ square head with the range of 2-10 NM. Along with that, it includes Allen keys, as well as 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, and 8 mm tool bits as well as PH2, T10, and T25.

Overview of features

While the Venzo brand is not as popular as some of the bigger brands, they still managed to come out with a high-quality set of tools. It is extremely lightweight, coming in at around 120 grams and is quite comfortable for using. Additionally, you shouldn’t have problems with it even after a few years of use, as it is made out of carbon fiber and has a pretty firm construction to it.

The product is made in Taiwan, and even if something happens to it, you have a 1-year warranty during which the kit is 100% replaceable and refundable.

Although it is not nearly as big as some of its competitors, it still holds a great torque wrench capacity. With a range of 2 to 10 NM, it is compatible with almost any torque level requirements and as it comes with a number of interchange bits you will be able to adjust it perfectly.

One of the best things about it is that this torque wrench still comes with the click feature that will let you know once the torque level is fit. Compact, and affordable, it is perfect for an average cyclist looking to invest in a good-quality torque wrench set.

How to use it

While this torque wrench doesn’t come with an instruction manual, there is nothing mysterious about how you should use it. The first thing you should do is install the adequate tool bit and tighten the fastener – the wrench needle should indicate NM level according to which you should tighten or loosen the torque.


Ryder T-Bar Torque Wrench

If you want a torque wrench that is perfect for a mechanic or a cyclist, this T-Bar tool is an affordable and compact alternative to the Venzo product. While it comes at a lower range and is at a preset setting of 5 NM, it still includes a number of Allen key sizes, and is a good quality torque for the price you are getting it at.


There is no doubt that almost any cyclist – professional or casual – should have a torque wrench in their set. It is a convenient product that can be used in almost any mechanic or maintenance work, and the Venzo one is a great choice – affordable, and compact, it can’t get much better than that.

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